Last weekend I’ve decided to create a new Android application. The idea is very simple and all I wanted was something that could show me which football games were going to be aired by TV channels available in Portugal.  There are some websites that have this information available but I wanted something easier to use. And that’s how this tiny app was created.

Main screen from Futebol na TV

It is very simple to use. All you have to do is make sure you have Internet access and press the refresh button. That it 🙂

After several months offline I decided to implement the needed changes in order to make it work again with my current ISP.  If this is the first time you see this, I have implemented an online version of  this project.

Just check the link on the top of this website ( ). All you need to do is input the url of the wsdl that you want to generate the stub.

Have fun 🙂

Yesterday I received an email from Android Market support team saying that my application was removed due to a violation of the Developer Distribution Agreement. They explicitly say that the application could be used in an “harmful way”.

Here is the complete email:

This is a notification that the application, Router Passwords, with package ID net.davidgouveia.routerpasswords has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of Android Market developer terms. It has come to our attention that this application could be used in a way that is harmful to devices, networks, or users.

For specific policies pertaining to this suspension, please see:
Developer Distribution Agreement:
4.3 Use of the Market by You
4.4 Prohibited Actions
Content Policy:
Malicious Products

Specifically, this application allows users to circumvent the (default) password protection made available through third-party routers. We would like to emphasize that the simplicity in which a security measure is circumvented is irrelevant to the application of this Android Market Developer agreement provision.

Please fully review the Content Policies, Developer Distribution Agreement, and Business and Program Policies before you create or upload additional applications. Please also consult our guidelines on rating your application.

Please be advised that this or additional violations may result in a suspension of your Android Market Publisher account, and may also result in actions, including possible suspension, taken against any associated Android Market Publisher, AdSense, Google Checkout, or AdMob accounts.

The Android Market Team

Since I believe that the source of this problem is the database that ships with the application, I will launch a new one without any information. You will then be able to populate da database with information about all of your network devices.

I would also like to thank all the people who’ve helped me reach almost 700k downloads in a few months.

Stay tuned 🙂

PS: You can still download the application from other sources including this website. Click here.

A few months ago I got tired of using eclipse as my IDE because it is extremely slowwww, so I’ve decided to give an opportunity to IntelliJ Idea.

It seems faster than eclipse. No doubts about that. But then I came across these king of lame errors:

I’m getting tired of using such lame IDEs with basic bugs. Any alternative to develop Java/Android applications?

I wish someone could develop a Visual Studio clone for java 🙁

If you are an Android Developer you probably know how hard it may be to develop webservices based applications. The lack of official support for these implementations is compensated by some modules like ksoap2 that handle de SOAP stuff and communication.

For simple cases where you just have to send/receive simple data types it is easy to use, but things can get a bit complicated when you need to handle complete data types with dozens of different functions.

That’s why someone created the automatic stub generator. A stub is a set of classes generated automatically from the WSDL so you don’t have to create all functions, definitions and data types available in the WSDL by hand.

You can download the ksoap2 jar from here.

You can download the stub generator from here or you can try my online version of the stub generator filling the input box with the WSDL URL and press download.

Router passwords has become a true success on the android market. After a few weeks it has almost 50.000 downloads and counting. I’m trying to add some features as requested by users and since there are a lot of people interested maybe I can get some help registering new devices making the database bigger.

It is very simple. Just use the following link to register any new routers which are not already present (you can also submit simple corrections).

Your name will not be forgotten 🙂

Router Passwords is an application that includes a database containing the default credentials for hundreds of network devices. This is the ideal tool for someone who needs to handle multiple network devices.


router passwords
or click here.

O port do sistema operativo Android está cada vez mais perto do HTC HD2. Depois de ultrapassados os problemas relacionados com o kernel (que aparentemente estavam relacionados com algumas instruções extra do processador) foi uma questão de dias – mais concretamente dois – até que conseguissem inicializar o Android. Nesta fase ainda há muitos drivers que não se encontram a funcionar e que fazem com que ainda seja inútil para qualquer utilizador, mas foi mais um passo na direcção certa.

Podem inclusive ver um video do processo de inicialização do sistema:

O próximo passo parece estar relacionado com os drivers do touchscreen, o famigerado ELAN B81 que mesmo após alguma insistência sobre o fabricante, este não libertou a informação necessária para ser criado o driver para linux.

Mais informações na thread oficial do port deste sistema operativo: