How to mount NTFS filesystems under 11.04

If you are running the latest version of Ubuntu and tried to mount a NTFS filesystem you probably already know that you can’t and maybe you have even seen an error like “mount exited with exit code 21″.

This seems to be due to a bug in libfuse2 and/or fuse-utils package. To fix this temporarily you can downgrade both packages to a prior version. libfuse2 and fuse-utils version 2.8.1-1.1ubuntu2.2 seem to be OK but 2.8.1-1.1ubuntu3.2 is useless.

Just download both packages and install them:

Don’t forget that these are 32bit packages. If you are using 64bit OS then download the needed packages.

sudo dpkg -i libfuse2_2.8.1-1.1ubuntu2.2_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i fuse-utils_2.8.1-1.1ubuntu2.2_i386.deb

Problem solved 🙂

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