How to hide the taskbar under Windows CE using VB.Net

If you do a quick search in google, you can find several links which explain how to hide the taskbar under Windows CE. Unfortunately, almost everything that you can find either is directed to unmanaged languages like C++ and VB6 or is based on C# language.

Here goes a quick snippet that do the same thing using VB.Net:

    Public Const SW_HIDE As Integer = &H0
    Public Const SW_HIDEWINDOW As Integer = &H0
    Public Const SW_SHOWNORMAL As Integer = &H1
    Public Function FindWindow(ByVal className As String, ByVal windowName As String) As IntPtr
    End Function
    Public Function ShowWindow(ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, ByVal cmdShow As Integer) As Boolean
    End Function
    Public Sub HideMyTaskBar()
        Dim taskBarHWnd As IntPtr = FindWindow("HHTaskBar", String.Empty)
        ShowWindow(taskBarHWnd, SW_HIDE)
    End Sub

Now just call the HideMyTaskBar() sub and that’s it! :)

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