Many of you have noticed that the default player (CB) does not autoplay movies. While some people suggested that there was a typo in the cbplayer.plug.php, changing autoload to autoload wasn’t enough.

I’ve disassembled the CB player to check which variables it was expecting and I found out that it wasn’t autoplay, but autoPlay.

So … in order to fix this issue, open player/cbplayer/cbplayer.plug.php. Locate :

$code	.= "settingsFile: \"".PLAYER_URL."/cbplayer/settings.php?hqid=".$vdata['videoid']."&autplay=".$data['autoplay']."\"\n";
$code	.= "settingsFile: \"".PLAYER_URL."/cbplayer/settings.php?vid=".$vdata['videoid']."&autplay=".$data['autoplay']."\"\n";

replace by :

$code	.= "settingsFile: \"".PLAYER_URL."/cbplayer/settings.php?hqid=".$vdata['videoid']."&autoPlay=".$data['autoplay']."\"\n";
$code	.= "settingsFile: \"".PLAYER_URL."/cbplayer/settings.php?vid=".$vdata['videoid']."&autoPlay=".$data['autoplay']."\"\n";

Part II

If you want to use autoplay under every pages except for index (eg. to disable autoplay of editor’s pick movies), add this little snippet :

Open the same file. Locate :

function cbplayer($data,$no_video=false)

Add below :

		$data['autoplay'] = 'false';

You shoud now be able to autoplay every video using the CB default player except for the ones on main page.:D