Have you ever tried to enter the world of hydroponics but never did it because you thought that it would be very expensive?


Now you don’t have an excuse! I’ve prepared a howto using (almost) the cheapest parts that I could get. This was not meant to grow large plants but small ones will do just fine. In my case I intend  to grow chilli peppers so this kit is great!

And this is what you need:

  • Small flower box including the water plate. It is important that the water plate fits perfectly on top of the flower box (just like a lid).
  • Some plastic cups
  • Air pump
  • Plastic tubing
  • Air Stone diffuser
  • Tools ( Electric driller, hole saw, duct tape, sharp knife, etc)
  • Perlite & Vermiculite (you can use rock wool or any other substrate)

Try to buy a hole saw with the same diameter as the plastic cups that you are going to use (or vice versa). This will make things easier, trust me!

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