For the last days I’ve seen a lot of rage against origin ( and they have reasons to IMHO) due to several motives:


* 50€ for the premium pack is expensive (I can argue with that).

*  Some of the premium features ( like the queue priority ) are really unfair.

* There is no discount to who already bought the Back to Karkand expansion pack. This means that you have to pay for it again (by paying the full price of the premium pack).

* They are much more worried in lauching extra contents than in fixing all those bugs or even securing a game which is full of cheaters…


Fortunately there is a way of getting the premium pack for less that half the price. I’m not telling that you should, but rather you could. Keep in mind that I’m not even sure that this is legal according to Origin’s T&C so you are on your own if you do that.


Here is how you should do it:

1º Clear all your browser cookies.

2º Go to this page and search for a brasilian proxy. Configure your browser to use it.

3º Open Origin’s store and search for the premium pack. You should see it with a price tag of 49,99 Brasilian Reais (~19.5€ by today’s exchange rates).

4º Add it to shopping cart and checkout. Login using your account credentials and use a Brasilian address. You can use a friend’s address or any other. Google is your friend…

5º Use your regular credit card to pay for the order.

6º Profit!



You can now remove the proxy settings from your browser. Wait a few minutes and your profile in Battlelog should now be updated.


UPDATE: It seems that EA has updated the Brazillian price and now it costs twice the previous price. Fortunately you can still buy it from the Indian store at about the same price. Just repeat the steps but replace the Brazillian proxy for an Indian proxy.